A card/boardgamer can never have enough deck boxes, right? Whether you use them for
Magic, Netrunner, Pokémon or for all your Cards Against Humanity Expansions: extra boxes always come in handy.
Here’s a tutorial for making a DIY deck box out of a milk carton. With pictures, of course!

This is what you’ll need:

  • One milk carton with a screw top – rinsed and dried, you don’t want smelly or wet playing cards… In the pictures I’m using a 1.5 liter milk carton, but for a smaller deck box 1 liter cartons are perfectly fine.
  • Glue or glue gun
  • Scissors
  • Utility or exacto knife
  • Ruler
  • Pencil


Got all that? You’re good to go!


Step 1. Open up the top of the carton

Open up the milk carton. Be careful not to make any deep folds around the screw top side.


Step 2. Define the height of your deck box

You’ll want to make your deck box high enough for the cards that you’ll be using. For the MTG-card in the example I went for 9.5 cm. Draw a line at that height on the back and both sides of the carton. Do not draw a line on the side with the screw top! This is the part of the carton that’s going to stay in one piece.


Step 3. Cut up the milk carton (not completely, of course…)

Cut the milk carton along the lines drawn in step 2. It’s a bit tricky as you can’t put much pressure on the box, so go slowly! Also cut out the upper part of the back side completely.


Step 4. Score the first folding lines for the lid


The first back fold is obvious; make sure you score this line. Now you can easily fold the box over, draw and score the second line for the lid and across the sides. I scored these lines with the back of a pair of scissors. Unfortunately I didn’t score any points.


Step 5. Cut the top of the milk carton

Cut off the very top of the milk carton. You can make this straight or slightly rounded – whatever you prefer.
Also cut the side flaps as shown in the picture above. These sides will eventually be glued onto the bottom of the part with the screw top (see step 7).


Step 6. Measure and cut out the circle

Fold the top over and see where the hole for the screw top needs to be. Draw this circle out and measure it to be more exact. Cut this circle out. You might need a to adjust it a few times to make it fit perfectly.
To see if it fits, it’s best to fill up the deck box with cards. Otherwise the lid will be pushed too far back into the empty space in the box.

It’s a difficult step – I even forgot to take a picture of this step and had to use one of a different milk carton.


Step 7. Cut the sides and top of the lower flap

Once you’ve cut the hole in the lower flap, cut down both sides of the lower flap. You have to make this as deep as the lid is long – the lower flap will fold over the lid top. This is clearly visible in the final picture.


Step 8. Glue the lid together

Now it’s time to glue the sides to the top to make a proper lid. Hold the sides down until the glue dries completely.


YES! You have now made your own DIY Deck Box!

Time to fill it up. And before you know it, you’ll need another one. And another one. And another one. Of course you can use any kind of drink carton with a screw top – whichever pattern you prefer. We just happen to have a fair amount of milk cartons at home…

Good luck with your DIY deck box! 

P.S. Don’t hesitate to send a message if you have any questions.