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Mantic TerrainCrate - Torture Chamber
TerrainCrate - Torture Chamber
With this torture chamber, you will have ways of making them talk! It includes iron maidens, surgical tools, torture racks, coffins and hapless cadavers of past victims.
Mantic TerrainCrate - Ruined Village
TerrainCrate - Ruined Village
These crumbling stone structures can be used to show the remnants of an ancient settlement or the burned-out site of a recent orc raid.
Mantic TerrainCrate - Dungeon Traps
TerrainCrate - Dungeon Traps
Bring your tabletop to life with the Dungeon Traps set. This set includes 11 pieces of scenery to customise your fantasy tabletop.
Mantic TerrainCrate - Dungeon Essentials
TerrainCrate - Dungeon Essentials
This set gives you doors, chests, tables, bookshelves and other accessories to flesh out the areas of your adventures!
Mantic TerrainCrate - Dungeon Depths
TerrainCrate - Dungeon Depths
Bring your tabletop to life with this Dungeon Depths set. This set includes 73 pieces of scenery to customise your dungeons.
Mantic TerrainCrate - Adventurer's Crate
TerrainCrate - Adventurer's Crate
This crate bundle includes a varied array of scenery pieces designed for use in your own tabletop role-playing games!
Mantic Terrain Crate- Guard Barracks
Terrain Crate- Guard Barracks
Bring your tabletop to life with the Guard Barracks set. The Guard Barracks contains Beds, Tables, Chairs, Armour Racks, Weapon Racks and Targets.