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Libellud Dixit- Anniversary Expansion
Dixit- Anniversary Expansion
Dixit… a surprising, enchanting and evocative game to be enjoyed with friends and family alike. This multi-award winning party game returns with Dixit: 10th Anniversary, an 84 card expansion pack.
Libellud Dixit basisspel (NL)
Dixit basisspel (NL)
Dit is de vernieuwde uitgave van Dixit en omvat onderdelen om te spelen tot 8 spelers en nieuwe keuzewielen.
Libellud Dixit base game (EN)
Dixit base game (EN)
Dixit is an enchanting game which summons your imagination. Discover 84 dreamlike illustrations on big cards and interpret them.
Libellud Dixit - Revelations Expansion
Dixit - Revelations Expansion
Dixit Uitbreiding 7 - Revelations is een uitbreiding voor het bordspel Dixit of voor Dixit Odyssey.
Libellud Dixit - Quest Expansion Refresh
Dixit - Quest Expansion Refresh
This expansion proposes you a dreamlike search for innocence through 84 new cards by Marie Cardouat!
Libellud Dixit - Origins Expansion
Dixit - Origins Expansion
Dixit Origins is an expansion for Dixit with 84 new cards that feature fantastic and surrealistic artwork.
Asmodee Dixit - Odyssey basisspel (NL)
Dixit - Odyssey basisspel (NL)
Dixit Odyssey NL, gezellige party game voor 3 tot 12 mensen met prachtige speelkaarten!
Libellud Dixit - Mirrors Expansion
Dixit - Mirrors Expansion
Dixit expansion 10: Mirrors. Alweer de nieuwste (10e) uitbreiding van het bekende bordspel Dixit.
Libellud Dixit - Memories Expansion
Dixit - Memories Expansion
Carine Hinde and Jerome Pelissier have translated dazzling childhood souvenirs into 84 new cards for Dixit!
Libellud Dixit - Journey Expansion
Dixit - Journey Expansion
The 84 cards of this expansion invite you to a mysterious and enchanting voyage. Let Xavier Collette guide you.
Libellud Dixit - Harmonies Expansion
Dixit - Harmonies Expansion
Delve even deeper into the imagination with this expansion for the smash hit Dixit with Dixit: Harmonies!
Dixit - Disney basisspel (NL)
Dixit - Disney basisspel (NL)
Dixit Disney is een eenvoudig en luchtig bordspel van verhalen vertellen, interpretatie en giswerk.