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- The Viking Game HNEFATAFL
The Viking Game HNEFATAFL
Hnefatfl - or 'viking chess' - is one of the oldest games in the world.
Hive Pocket
Hive Pocket
Reisversie van Hive. Inclusief de uitbreidingen: mug (mosquito) en het lieveheersbeestje (Ladybug).
Vendetta Games Hive - Pillbug expansion
Hive - Pillbug expansion
Hive: The Pillbug is a new pair of tiles that can be added to Hive. The pillbug moves like the queen bee—one space at a time—but it also has a special ability.
Arcane Wonder Games Onitama
Onitama is a two-player, perfect information abstract game with a random starting set-up. On a 5x5 board, both players start with five pawns on their side, with the main pawn in the middle.
Greater Than Games Tak- A Beautiful Game (2nd Ed.)
Tak- A Beautiful Game (2nd Ed.)
Tak is a two-player abstract strategy game dreamed up by Pat Rothfuss in "The Wise Man's Fear" and made reality by James Ernest. In Tak, players attempt to make a road of their pieces connecting two opposite sides of the board.
Engelhart Schaakbord/Dambord 47x47cm
Schaakbord/Dambord 47x47cm
Luxe houten dubbelzijdig schaak- en dambord.
Arcane Wonder Games Onitama - Sensei’s Path expansion
Onitama - Sensei’s Path expansion
Onitama, Sensei's Path is a card expansion for use with Onitama.
Arcane Wonder Games Onitama - Light & Shadow expansion
Onitama - Light & Shadow expansion
The third expansion for Onitama, Light and Shadow offers a new way to explore the game by introducing a new type of pawn: the Ninja! Unlike other pawns, the Ninja moves secretly, hidden from your opponent’s view until they are ready to strike…
Engelhart (ENG-150010) Schaakstukken KH 88
(ENG-150010) Schaakstukken KH 88
Houten schaakstukken in essenhouten kistje, zonder bord.
Engelhart (ENG-150000) Schaakstukken - KH 77
(ENG-150000) Schaakstukken - KH 77
Houten schaakstukken in essenhouten kistje, zonder bord.
H.O.T. Games Schaak/Backgammon Klapcassette 29cm Ingelegd
Schaak/Backgammon Klapcassette 29cm Ingelegd
Schaak- en backgammoncassette, gefineerd hout.
- Paco Sako oprol schaakbord zwart-wit
Paco Sako oprol schaakbord zwart-wit
Speel Paco Sako overal met dit makkelijk oprolbare zwart-wit schaakbord.